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Cat Toy Lasers and UFO’s

Manassas John
User ID: 35779142
United States
05/03/2013 11:35 AM
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Cat Toy Lasers and UFO’s
Cat Toy Lasers and UFO’s
The other day I bought a toy red laser so I could play with my cats. It makes a bright red dot on any surface it shines on. The cats just love it, and instantly chase the dot across the carpet, up the stairs, and try to climb a wall to get. Eventually I (Me) get bored, and want to stop the game. Turning the laser off is a problem, since the cats will keep attacking the location where the dot was last seen—and they can be very destructive. So, I make the laser dot disappear down a hole in a cardboard cat-scratcher board. It all keeps them busy for a while. They dig the cardboard, but never find the red dot.
That seems to be what UFO’s do with us humans. They appear suddenly; make right angle turns; ignore the laws of movement for a material physical object; and when the gods get tired, they just switch it off, or make it disappear. There is no physical evidence, because they were always mere thought projections. Folks, we have been bamboozled by an alien projected toy, that they switch off when they get bored of messing with us.