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Message Subject 2 Space Aliens are working with the U.S. Government says former Minister of Defense of Canada!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let's just see some aliens then. Put up or shut up!

If there are metal disc space aliens, I invite them to ring my door bell right now, and share a popsicle on the couch with me right now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39179481

I'm not going to answer your ignorant question but one thing I must ask..

Out of all the good things out there, you would rather share a Popsicle with an ET?
 Quoting: Awak3

Okay, perhaps I misspoke. I wouldn't share a popsicle with an ET... jeez, that is gross. I'd have one and homie would have one.

All the disclosuretards (counting myself as one) are like what is it going to take to get people to believe in aliens? Well, I'd like to talk to some, take a ride in a disc with them. In other words it is going to take actual physical evidence, not just people swearing on (their) book that there are ET's.
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