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Message Subject 2 Space Aliens are working with the U.S. Government says former Minister of Defense of Canada!!
Poster Handle Dapurps
Post Content
i dunno...
i still call BS on this guy.
seems strategically placed for another agenda
 Quoting: Salt

do tell
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15326304

that's a looong conversation
 Quoting: Salt

let's put it this way...
tptb need an intergalactic exchange to further their scheme(s).
they are working on that deception, it will be a false flag.
they are already rehearsing for it.
then, down the road, the ultimate deception will be a "return" of someone whom many have been waiting for. it will appear to be that person, but it will not be. even the "elect" will be fooled. and many will fall away.
 Quoting: Salt

Even though im not religious i still believe what you've said will happen.
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