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Message Subject 2 Space Aliens are working with the U.S. Government says former Minister of Defense of Canada!!
Poster Handle Matrix-V
Post Content
As truthful as this Minister's account appears to be (although we already know all these stories), there are areas that are RED FLAGS for me. For those who are just waking up or haven't been paying attention all this while.......thinking and asking questions since 9/11, they will easily fall prey to the agenda not quite obvious in his testimony.

Yes we know that there is a global government agenda. The real question is WHY? WHY NOW? WHAT WARRANTS THIS NEED OF THEIRS? Could they have done it in the past or very latter on in the future? Surely these people already control all the money and wealth of this planet, which they create for us to spend, so what more do they want? The even already control the minds of the people, so what more do they want? THe real price is our consciousness.


1. (Good) ETs working with US Airforce? I'm sure it isn't candy they are making with them, is it?

2. He proposes having "another financial system" in the video because the old one is run by corrupt individuals? Another system of enslavement anyone? Yes, the whole of humanity have been voodooed to believe in the fictional monetary supply system.......created, controlled and disseminated, not by each individual, but by overlords. Will this new financial system he proposes not be controlled by some overlords we don't see, you know, like the previous financial system, if it ever gets replaced? So you can smell a rat in here also.

3. He was almost selling the idea of worshipping the ETs because of their godlike nature towards the end of the video. This worries me. And sadly, the football loving, X-factorised joe, unaware of what is going on around him will, if these ETs do show up, worship them as gods. Sadly, majority of the world population are in this category.

4. Global Warming? Isnt the NWO selling this idea too?

Because of all these RED FLAGS and more, it makes me wonder why this man is given such a podium to discuss these matters and why now. Some of what he says are true but its only scratching the surface. We have seen this game time and time again. The same US government that distributes aid are also the same ones bombing nations.

Its like the illuminati's intentions (or reptilian agenda ultimately) is to use everything in their arsenal, good and evil to mould the consciousness of humanity to do its bidding.

The real answers aren't in any collective approach. We barely even created the language we speak nor know the full vocabulary, ramifications and the intents of the authors who gave us these languages we think in to be able to fully understand what we are dealing with on this planet.
 Quoting: Ohwell

This is making a lot of sense.
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