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Poster Handle moe
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No, not really. But I was wondering what would happen if a person were able to actually shoot down a UFO over a residential area with hundreds of witnesses during a sighting? I mean, hey it's possible right?
Imagine some yahoo drags out a .50cal rifle or a rpg they had hidden away in an old foot locker. I can imagine it crashing down in flames and news crews and crowds gathering around before the military or cops had a chance to block it off.
What would happen to the person that shot it down? Would they be arrested or praised? What if you just had a hunting rifle and took a shot at one? Is it against the law? If you shot bigfoot, well then everyone would be happy except for animal rights derps.
Has anyone ever heard of someone taking shots at UFO's? Would YOU try it if you had the chance???

macgun alien11
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