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Judgement in all things belongs to YOU (not a religious thread)

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United States
05/05/2013 10:26 PM
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Judgement in all things belongs to YOU (not a religious thread)
It is our duty to judge all things as being right or wrong, to judge them as to whether they are just or unjust. When the government lawfuly imposes laws it is your duty to consider the justifiability of those laws. So long as said laws seem to YOU to be just or at least not unjust then you are obliged to conform to those laws even if you do not particularly care for them. This is so because we simply all cannot have our way all of the time. Sometimes we may not agree with a law, but so long as it is not unbearably grevious to us we are compelled to abide it for the sake of sustaining the system, which we deem as a whole to be in good service to us.

What if a law is unbearably grevious? What if you deem the system to no longer be in good service to you? Are you still compelled to abide it? I posit that in no way should a citizen feel required to submit to any law, to any government which he/she has judged to be injurious to his/her well being.
Is this not common sense? Is this not natural?

Small greviences are looked over in deference to a largely good system by which the government administers the duties required to maintain society. But when the greviences become too great and when government action no longer serves the people then no responsible citizen can stand by.

I believe that the government as a whole has grown corrupt. There is no mending it. Voting no longer matters as Washington has grown to poison all who go there to serve.

Let no politician tell you that you need to be quiet and listen to them. Let not their contrived and illegitimate laws dissuade you from your own convictions.

A time of reckoning draws near. Recompense will be poured out upon us all. We will be tested to our very limits. Stand strong and waiver not. Be fully convinced of your own convictions. Let the free man emerge with all the more freedom and let the tyrant not emerge at all.

Let no man force you to relinquish your own judgement to him. Let no man discourage you from action.