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Myth of Intrinsic Value and the Pro-Life Bias

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United States
05/05/2013 10:57 PM
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Myth of Intrinsic Value and the Pro-Life Bias
I have come to the conclusion, after years of having the misfortune to live on this planet that:

1) Most people are congenitally retarded and uninteresting, and have no more value than worms.
2) Women are especially uninteresting, especially if you're not a compulsive breeder who can't think outside of his nuts.
3) Human society is largely conditioned, controlled and catering to these idiots, and especially women, and it is invariably self-destructive and idiotic.
4) The vast majority of people who are at all above this (who are a vast minority of the population) are wasting their time. Look at all the Gnostics and Buddhists trying to help idiot apes, incapable of any self-reflection. Why bother?

Life, of course, has no intrinsic value, and neither does anything else. Of course individual persons are the generators of our own value, but the extent we are capable of doing so is conditioned entirely by our biological dispositions and our environment. If you are an intelligent person, not inherently cheerful, and you living any any human society now or in the past, there is little to take joy in. Such persons will have to essentially distract themselves with fantasy world, which is why religions and comic books exist.

If one is incapable of such distraction (now, or at all) and especially if one lacks or has quelled the pro-human, pro-natalism, pro-sociability bias that is in-built by evolution there is /no reason to live/ other than a simple fear of killing oneself and/or becoming a heroin junkie.

The knee-jerk anti-suicide bias stems from a few major camps: 1) the pro-lifers, 2) the religious, and the 3) 'you can change' types.

1) is just baseless. It comes from conflating subjective broken-reasoning of the lizard brain with objection reality.
2) is outright nonsense. Magic doesn't exist, the supernatural isn't real, and even if Gawd existed nihilism would remain true. Adding a really big cop with a really big gun does not validate morality or value objectivism.
3) is the worst, because they are so incapable of turning off their heuristics and thinking outside the box that they can't see one in this position would not want to change, that to change is to lie. Now, of course, there is nothing 'wrong' about lying to oneself, but if one already believes that life is pointless there is no reason to even want to lie to oneself. In fact #3 is a perfect example of how pointless and frustrating it is to talk to these animate clay shells that call themselves 'human'.