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Message Subject Dr. Karla Turner said abductees reported that aliens like to give out fake doom dates!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Karla was tapping into the plan, the agenda. An agenda that will not see the so called human beings that currently parade around as CEO's, stars, Queen, public servants, and pop stars riding a linear line into the new world. Oh no, if they are indeed adept, then they should know they have to pay for that ride and be sacrificed to ANTICHRIST, as he will/ is coming for everything ROMAN. The Wicker Mans are everywhere, wearing their costumes proudly for the flaming event. The Mantis will be the alien avatars ushering in the ANTICHRIST, as he will make the reptilians do what they do best: hide underground and in the surrounding planes. They can watch but they will not be controlling the next verse, but they do have many people's souls to feed upon from this last cycle.

[link to www.youtube.com]

a note was passed to me this morning, reiterating what has been said on these threads: Thread: 5 threads that will fuck your ass UP!!!
Thread: The Red Hour/ aka. the Purge!

When comet Kahouzek left our skies in early 1974 not many people payed attention. Did they notice the name of the comet E1. E1 is EA another name for Enki. E1 heralded the birth of William Sheridan the Prince of Dan in early February 1974.

Sheridan you say. Sheridan is the three point Shin (SH) the three stars of Orions belt emerging from the constellation Eridan. Eridan is the snake constellation that bites the heel of the rider Orion (at the star Rigal) Sher means Lion / Prince / King / Minister in all the ancient languages. We see it in English in Sheriff and Shire and also in it's corrupt form Sir, Tsar etc.

The ancient Prince of Dan founded Eridu (dereived from Eridan) the first city. They have been instrumental throughout history. It was Tony Sheridan who initiated the Beatles into the family secret of the Golden Age in Hamburg.

Did you know that General Philip Sheridan the civil war general made a tour of all European royalty and accompanied the Kaiser during his defeat of Napoleon?

Sher idan = Prince of Dan / Eden

You will find a map showing the exodus of the Sher Dan from Sumer if you Google Shardana (the sea peoples). The sea peoples were lead by the Prince of Dan. Queen Argotta the Merovingian Queen became pregnant from a sea Monster. This is a symbol of the Shardana Prince of Dan.

I met William Sheridan while on holiday in Europe during the time that the Pope was resigning. I had decoded the DA14 asteroid at the time as DAN and sought him out. He is a well spoken and kind person I asked him whether he is the Sheridan who will reveal himself. He responded that he would be revealed rather than reveal himself. I asked him about comet ISON and it meaning SION. He told me to join the two together.

When I did this I discovered DANISON or Son of Dan.

The first Prince of Eridu was Alulim. This means "stag". The Sheridan motto is Cervus Lacessitus Leo "The stag becomes the lion". Their crest is a green lion on a golden background. In Alchemy the green lion was known to dissolve everything just like the Prince of Dan will dissolve all world leadership. The Golden background represents the Golden age. You will see a triple seed on the arms.

Snowden also a Dan represents the throwing back of Excalibur into the lake near mount Snowdon. It means the elite know that the Prince of Dan is rising and they are throwing in the hat.

Prince William is now calling his people to him. Only his people will be allocated space to avoid the coming disasters. There will be no exceptions.

You may contact me: amishaddai@outlook.com
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