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Message Subject Dr. Karla Turner said abductees reported that aliens like to give out fake doom dates!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Discernment is greatly needed here. The following material is a great example of co opting revelations and spinning them into the alien agenda. The following new age authors in the link are what you would call organic portals, walk in's, possessed, alien vehicles, etc. They have taken Turner's words and made them their own. This is what happened to the original gnostics as the left hand path completely co opted the word gnosis to imply satanic. The actions of these people always seem contradictive and defy cause and effect and sensibility. Same as shills, entertainers, CEO's, and many govt. leaders. For instance, project Camelot put out a interview years ago from a insider saying that Nibiru would come, but beforehand their would be economic collapse and WWIII, and the fighting would stop when they all saw something approaching in the sky. Well the video has been scrubbed leaving only typed portions to read from. Why would a seemingly poor new ager leave out something that could draw interest. Truth is Nibiru is Marduk, or the Antichrist. There is no such planet. There are comets and meteors that will become increasingly prevalent. This is the occult technique of mixing lies with truth, learned from their alien overlords. But not really alien either, more so interdimensional beings, or daemons. The elders, or great masters, etc. And as Karla Turner pointed out, they love to give out fake doom dates. This is part of the double mind, or bi polar insertions to cause hysteria, madness, apathy, and to ultimately allow possession to take place along side guilt, shame, consumerism, drugging, radiation, frequency weapons, technology, and desires and addictions to a Nanny State, or alien Dollhouse called 3rd density.

Often times they present information using clowns, loud or angry people, or use Disney like platforms to make it entertaining and nothing more. This is due to what happens in so called death, as the beings will play back your life experience and use your bad choices against you, way worse than their minion do in Saturn courtrooms. These groups gave you the Zeitgeist movement, Loose Change, and 9/11 truth. This is to scapegoat the old world so the coming antichrist can be savior. They do not really like this being coming, but they are a hive mind and must obey orders so you will see inconsistencies as they are addicted to their vehicles, or hosts. Many of them will have sagging skin, distended bellies, red blotched noses and faces, and not only lies easily, but indulge in pedophilia and drug use. The entities absorb and take over more so as synthetic drugs or chemicals sedates and dissolves DNA and makes the body sickly. This is seen with Meth users. Also, the plastic look, or heavy use of cosmetics and clothing to hide one's true appearance is indicative of parasite infestation. As well a robotic nature (seen recently with news anchors reading off "Wie tu lew" in regards to plane crash), or androgynous -- bi sexual. DID is a part of this, as well materialism and competition. People will always fall apart, but you will notice them only having fun as that is the intent. To play on your insecurities and sell 3rd density.

[link to www.vigli.org]
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