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Message Subject Dr. Karla Turner said abductees reported that aliens like to give out fake doom dates!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Please listen to this lengthy video. It describes a great deal of the plan when mixed with the other information posted. This man is still alive for a reason. He is still caught up in the false savior paradigm and he classifies gnosis as evil. He even states that the beings, or elite as he still thinks of them as people -- worship knowledge. So knowledge is a bad thing, and blind obedience to books published by men belonging to the very societies you are against, is the way? let me put it this way, your immune system works on information. There is a lock and key method, similar to how neurons communicate. If a pathogen does not have the right code the system will quarantine it then attack. Same as a computer, or military, as everything is projections of another in a holographic lay. A virus subdues a target by pretending to be one of the parts of a system then gets into cells and replicates them, same as what movies portray in zombies flicks, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Host, The Matrix (agents are any and everyone), The Believers, Rose Mary's Baby, Branded, etc. They, they being the parasitic energies that nest in the mind and thoughts and control through urges, portray themselves with dramatic effect with words like alien, demon, product, etc. Desire, or you must invite the vampire into your house first, meaning you must be sedated enough not to resist the intrusion. This is what the life experience is about, as you are divided into different dreams in a multiverse and being softened up for energy, or food. So the speaker in the following video is still carrying the Saturn god thing, the false god. And teaches gnosis, or knowledge is bad. No, what is being done with knowledge is bad.
[link to www.youtube.com]

This is why the presenters of information in above posts, in regards to Dr. Turner, Dr. Mack, and Bill Cooper are dead. They took the information to where the shit is happening, rather than playing in the middle where the aliens want you. Fritz even admits this. Playing in the vast amount of information in the middle will just exhaust you, and make most fall back in line within Metropolis, looking for a comfort zone, predictability. It's like how most people cannot handle hard drugs. The beings DO NOT want you figuring out how to exercise the spirit, as that can overtake them and command the substance that the radio waves and frequencies vibrate in. The pleroma, which originates from the same Source as spirit, not the aliens manufactured spirits, the true spirits, which are not that many. The pleroma is currently divided. You see it as Sun and ocean. Fire and fluid. The oxygen, or air is of fire and is electric to a degree, offset from water. Your body is interchanging with the configuration through breathing, and assembles with the environment by interpreting the code within light, or refracting, which is really a small spectrum of the vibrating hairs known as radio waves and X rays, and such, all electromagnetic impulses essentially. Even if the outside system does not intervene, or a remedy is understood within, the virus, or hive will fall dormant from consuming all available energy at some point. They know this, so they must find a way to escape the boundary, or membrane we call Solar system, which is only holographically represented with our bodily sight. It, like everything else is misrepresented to different degrees. Most of their lies are subtle, in order to keep you trapped. The disinformation or lies are sprinkled within ordinance and Matrix configurations. Usually symbols, like words and meaning. They make it such that you want to believe them, because it would be easier and safer that way. Familiarity is love, psychologically speaking that is.
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