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Message Subject Dr. Karla Turner said abductees reported that aliens like to give out fake doom dates!
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Shark symbolism.
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When observing the pyramid, [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] understand that esoteric symbols have many meanings, such as the letter T when put next to O evokes meaning, and T with other letters evoke other meanings. And even though these energies are of the hive mind, they are like a school of sharks in a feeding frenzy when it comes to feeding off of the material plane, and routinely backstab one another and are in fierce competition. Entities are addicts by nature and will try to hang onto avatars that have lucrative lives, as the vices can be relived then. How do you think these entities became what they are? Also, the subordinates within Legion are not privy to the plan of demiurge or Sophia, and certainly not in concert with Christos, the now Antichrist. So if you are an authentic spirit that originates from Source, then you are now a minority here, living amongst alien life forms in many guises.

The images and pressures that hold us in 3rd density are systemically clever and cybernetic, and play on emotion, desires, and fear, which only work due to believing in the reflective membranes, like cubism: [link to www.angelfire.com] , after all, great art reflects life. You have a large cast of characters all seemingly at odds with their different titles and such, and they are competing to a large extent but serve the Lieutenants at the top, such as this character, the Lord of the airwaves: [link to static.comicvine.com]

The Illuminati, or Lessers are really the Scottish Rite Free Masons, for the most part. They are also the transhumanists, secular religions, Academia, Corporations, organized crime syndicates, cartels, etc. that all intermingle with the unseen forces behind the veil. They are by and large, a face given to the archonic insertions. But really it’s the Machine Elves at work. [link to shriekingmonkeys.files.wordpress.com] It is a cancerous growth, similar to putting a potato in salt water, or fungus on a tree stump – a growth will emerge and spread with the light, water, oxygen, and electricity. It’s all chemically electric, radio waves, and magnetism, represented here as objects, such as people, buildings, and cars. [link to www.youtube.com] With technology, [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] this growth has spread throughout this dimension and its conscious players, overtaking any excuse or right not to be owned (NWO mirrored) by these entities as they have shown everyone here and there, what the deal is.

[link to www.youtube.com]

So the Catholics, NAZIS, [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] the Nine, UN, and Masons have been orchestrating per command of their “ascended masters,” the end of a cycle so a new one can rise in its stead. So they create problems that must be solved, safety issues, disease, war – because they know the psychological boundaries of people, heck they created them, and they know people are terrified of the prospect of death and will hang onto their material existence with everything they got, in fact they will make any compromise asked of them in order to live and prosper in this growing fungus, because they have no memories of anything else and know only what they’ve been taught and conditioned. Like people hanging onto a life raft in the ocean, avatars fear the unknown and being out of their element, or what they “know.” Familiarity is love here.

An example of the double mind, or double meaning: The characters are telling you like a vampire, what they are doing for Revelation of the Method reasons and to use against the spirit in so called death, but the hierarchy is also using the characters to destroy the system and growth as we know it. The subordinates are just as manipulated as anyone else, in fact – again, how do you think they ended up in the hive mind? The workplace is a projection of this trauma based programming schema, so is Hollywood and the corporate arena. It manifests everywhere you go, even in small groups of people as survival of the fittest. So mixing lies with truth is somewhat the predicament of subordinates, and the past is always mingled with the future. They are using their hosts to reflect back the hopes and aspirations of the people who are idols here, and the Twilight language is coded throughout media to make this dimension shatter like a mirror – into millions of different pieces. [link to www.youtube.com]

You are in the mind of demiurge, [link to starworlds.blogspot.com] with portals being opened in various ways, ultimately portraying itself in horrifying ways. [link to www.youtube.com] (The Death & Dying promise). Each pyramid is a vector, or energy aperture, [link to www.siloam.net] like other lock and key constructs, either buried, underwater, or seen that communicate with other archon orbs called planets, as they communicate like neurons do [link to www.youtube.com] – As Above, So Below. This is why some towns [link to www.ancient-wisdom.co.uk] and obelisks are positioned to mirror stars and grids on other planets. If you want to truly escape then you must leave the mind of the hive. [link to sprott.physics.wisc.edu]

The disinformation that pervades the UFO community is not always steered by govt. or corporate agencies, as sometimes it is driven by ego, greed, [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] which is a pathway to becoming a walk in, which might explain the many soulless characters that you see around you today. It’s like a contagion, or autonomous machine factor. If you do sort information from the characters, it would be wise to be selective as they do not follow a linear or global matrix of truth. And if you do not have intuition or memory from within and rely on the talking heads for an “awakening,” then understand you will have to piecemeal and discard information from all of them to get an accurate picture of the puzzle. The same can be said for the alternative media, MSM, friends, community, and academia.

People are just as steered mentally by the symbolic color, height, weight, and demographics of another person as they are by a stop sign or language. These stigmas are meant to encapsulate consciousness and pull their energy through beliefs and wants, as well fear of loss. But really, the archons maneuver the plane with a host of different looking characters. This is why you see pictures of Moors wearing the Shiner’s hat, as that is where it originates. Lineage and Masonic customs are boundaries, and parameters like everything else, and the language and symbols are meant to evoke emotional responses and shift things in the subordinate’s favor. – But really, things are rewarded to carry out an agenda they are not privy of. It’s all about corrosion and a pattern, a pattern that seeks a solution to the overall problem: confinement, insecurities. That is why the energies loop in a torus; it’s a bastion of frequency and chaos.

A recent example of the “pyramid” formulating segues for the next chapter was seen on FOX News. “There’s no other option,” thing, right? Situations are arranged. --- Puppet masters above puppet masters. Sarah Palin inserted information that targeted the Fringe, well, not really…it is excuse blocks being laid, for the story, meaning those that have fallen out of the Metropolis lines are growing exponentially [link to www.seattlepi.com] and the numbers can quickly become unmanageable, or learn to take their spirit back. But this trend is focused and is being enlarged to encompass the planet, and is the ANTICHRIST spirit taking over from the Blue bloods, so thinking the world is merely going into a comfortable spot for Lessers, or the subordinates is not correct. There is a goal that the hierarchy is aiming for, and that is not serving the Hive’s Lessers, nor their addictions. Henry Kissinger has, like the Bush family, [link to rawstory.com] Ford, [link to www.washingtonpost.com] the Royals, [link to www.nytimes.com] been linked with the NAZIS. [link to www.youtube.com] If you have studied the NAZIS you will have noticed that they were trying to complete a plan. The great plan as they called it. The Age of Aquarius. So what they have done is placed a Manchurian candidate [link to free5thestate.blogspot.com] into office, one that would be obviously, and painfully corrupt. They will leave bread crumbs to his shady past, like the birth certificate. They would launch Masons to bring the information out. They would use smaller assets to talk about it on the internet and make it popular culture. They would do this when they get ready to collapse the petrodollar too, and start WWIII. Why? --- Because they were commanded and steered to do this, and so it will be done. MkUltra assets, or any of the kind, or nothing more than vehicles, vehicles that are publically used by every Lesser spirit out there. They are like a public urinal for daemons, and they ride a pervading frequency that covers this domain, or planet. Some people report this frequency as “the hum.” [link to www.dailymail.co.uk] So the Lessers that are of the NAZI ilk are setting up the stooge they placed in the White House. They will systematically cut off EBT cards and social services as Syria erupts, and the BRICS nations stop importing goods and services, and as gas will become unaffordable and truckers stalled. America is the last symbol of this world that must be vanquished. That is what is transpiring, with Lessers using internet gurus to throw out fake dates to confuse people, but it will transpire nevertheless. This is apparent as the story has already unfolded enough to see the pattern, or course it is taking.

Thread: Sarah Palin: "Somthin's Up, Obama is Trying to Run Out The Clock" ! Update: Want's to Impeach, Calls Americans Battered Wife ...
[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]
[link to formerwhitehat.wordpress.com]
[link to www.fourwinds10.net]
[link to www.loonwatch.com]
Notice how clowns like Luke Rudkowski can get right in the face of these monsters without retaliation. These cats represent the old world, and the target is being painted. They must obey.
[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]
Like Black block and Code Pink, the revolution is being propagated by a pervading spirit, or frequency. Money and society are just symbols, directions, and parameters. SIM City.
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