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Message Subject Dr. Karla Turner said abductees reported that aliens like to give out fake doom dates!
Poster Handle InCogNeatOh
Post Content
Aliens are manifestations of DEMONS.. This is why they use reverse speech.

Demons ultimately work for Satan and all we need to know about Satam is:

"He comes to STEAL (your wealth), KILL(you) and DESTROY (your soul.)"

That's ALL you need to know.... everything else is a LIE.

Repent and ask Yehoshua to save you today.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2924495

Total bullshit.

ETs spawned the world's religions, in order to enslave mankind.

People worry about ETs invading Earth - LOL - they been here all along. WE CONTAIN THEIR genetic material, thanks to them upgrading us from primitive hominids. THEY have been installing religions and civilisations for aeons already.

Read the REAL history books from each culture - they ALL say exactly this.
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