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Message Subject Dr. Karla Turner said abductees reported that aliens like to give out fake doom dates!
Poster Handle Revo/elation
Post Content
Excellent thread OP because this IS the master plan. This is the driving force behind all one world gov, iluminati, tptb, blah blah.

Can people not see that pattern that these "aliens" follow through 60 SIXTY years of sightings or more?

Why do they follow pop culture trends in what an "alien ship" looks like? For example were "flying saucers" not the pop culture idea and common term for UFOs in the 40-70's? Life imitating art or vice versa.

Why now do they appear as new age spiritual entities like "orbs" "beings of light" and morphing creatures? That's because this is now the "new" alien manifestation.

People are too wise to believe that a circular craft of ANY material traveling at the speed of light could survive space travel. You guys know WHY? Because an object hitting even a grain of space dust would disintegrate and explode with the force of several a-bombs at that rate of speed.

These are facts people. Wake up. If you think you are a conspiracy tard glp 'er don't overlook the grand master plan of them all; That aliens exist and they are coming to save you from fukushima, barry oflaba and the "terrorist"

These entities struggle to maintain form in this dimension. They are under STRICT ORDERS to maintain the plan, deception and perception of UFO's, and "hieroglyphic writing". They are working toward a master plan don't you see? It all fits. This is simply good versus evil on a scale your tiny brain can't comprehend because you did not create the planets and grasshoppers. You were shting your pants at one time.

Million dollar and killer question that hushes all nay-sayers on this theory. why are true believers in Jesus NEVER abductees?
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