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Message Subject Dr. Karla Turner said abductees reported that aliens like to give out fake doom dates!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
These "aliens" or "archons" or "reptilians" are what I would like to refer to demons. "Legion" because there are many of them.

These demons can possess people, and guess what? It does not look like The Exorcist. Can it look like that? Sure. But mostly, it shows in total lack of empathy, and other evil traits. There are groups specifically designed just to infect people with these demons through ritual.

The "reptilian" eye phenomena is also a sign of demon possession. An old known sign, at that. This also all ties into Snake cult worship, like ancient Egypt, India, Mayans, Babylon, ect. Also the Egyptian's love of cats, and today's "internet meme" popularity of cats.

The alien agenda can be very clearly seen in the symbolism of "E.T." by 33rd degree fake Jew Steven Spielberg. Where he used the alien's glowing finger touching man's finger ala recreation of the famous painting of Creation. The alien agenda can also be seen in "Paul" which I could not sit through it was so blatantly disgusting. The latest alien agenda movie, "Prometheus" is again, pushing Alien's creation of humans.

The alien agenda also has a big reliance on "winged disc" symbolism, which is coded into the "pyramid with an eye" symbolism. Winged disc symbolism is essentially the same as Eye of Horus symbolism, being that it's how the elites believe their ancient gods will return. I highly recommend YouTube user "Gorilla199" for a full exposing on winged disc symbolism.

More alien God worship is noted in ancient Greek and Rome, except from being blatantly Snake Cult, they made up intricate stories and family relationships, worth noting, however, is Zeus's common association with snakes, and his throne at Pergammon being called by Jesus himself as "the throne of Satan"
... Was Zeus what the Bible calls Satan? I could easily see that.
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