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Aliens livign in our society and questions for any that read this post please answer.

Anonymous Coward
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United Kingdom
05/06/2013 04:30 PM
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Aliens livign in our society and questions for any that read this post please answer.
ok so my logic leads me to conclude that its likely there really are aliens that visit earth and even live on earth. They could actually be our own species. I will get onto this. But i will explain how i come to this conclusion.
Firstly The universe appears to be pretty homogeneous. Its pretty much the same throughout. now if life can come about on earth there will be solar systems elsewhere where life has probably evolved and it seems rational to assume that intelligent life could come about. The gap in the fossil record could actually be because our species was the product of genetic engineering, it could actually be that the ecosystem was initially built by aliens or that they put the monkeys here, a bit like when we make a zoo enclosure we try to make the enclosure look natural and sometimes like in a marine aquarium we put in many species form the same habitat. So these beings that engineered our species could have put people on many planets in our universe, not just here and their technology may be ahead of our own. The next question is, how do they get here. Now publicly NASA is now admitting that warp drives are possible and they have done the mathematics. They have done mathematical calculations and i think the operations of these warp drives are based on some poorly publicly understood phenomena related to capacitors. They say that they have no way to power these devices, i suspect they have already engineered them and powered them using a device rather like a moray generator, a suppressed technology form last century that could be the energy source for our whole society. So if we assume these aliens can easily travel faster than light speed and can indeed get here. Now if they wanted to actually live in our society there are two situations; They look like us and may be the same species, or they have bodies that we can not see so they use neural interfaces or other means to control human like bodies that they can walk around and communicate in like their own. Now if aliens do indeed live in our society its likely that they are also using the Internet and may even comment on this post.

Questions for an alien if any read this post;
If your an alien reading this i know you probably have been informed by governments what your allowed to say and not say but i would really appreciate some answers :(

I have a great deal of questions for an alien about technologies and of a philosophical nature;
Firstly i would be interested in the ' moray generator' how exactly this device works and can be built. I know that if we could develop this technology we could use it to power multi story agricultural complex, power the industry to produce fertilizer and all the artificial lighting and machines to maintain the micro-climate, making it affordable. These could be used to increase surface area for farming and in turn we could feed many times our earths population. We could also use it to power space craft and populate other planets, use technologies to move them about into suitable orbits in solar systems. We could solve the worlds overpopulation problem without violence and making wars. I would also be interested to hear your views on the philosophers stone, is it or is it not something everyone should have. I have instructions to make it and am doing so but if I'm successful i will be faced with so many philosophical questions and put in a real tough situation so would like to hear your views. Does the device work a little like a time machine, do you have similar devices that can reverse aging, electrical time modification devices.
I would be interested in time travel remote viewing devices, i read something about some of these devices being based on two rotating magnetic fields and a vessel of argon gas. How do you open a wormhole into a stargate and do your stargates work by accelerating electrons, what means is used to accelerate the electrons??? Can you open a wormhole between two points in space at the same point in time or can this technology only be used for time travel. What is the mechanism of a precognitive dream, my reason for believing in time travel. Does your society have a robotic industry that builds its self, do you have teleportation and technologies to materialize gases or substances and cause transelementation to happen?. Is everyone conscious and if everyone is conscious is it external or is everything conscious at some level? Is there a ' scalar' component to electromagnetic waves, like an electromagnetic wave with an amplitude in time that travels between time-lines? Do you have implanted neural interfaces for telepathy and sharing thoughts, surfing the Internet and controlling industry? Or do you have a means of interfacing computers with your brain remotely? Does the computer just place a 2d image in your field or vision or can you simulate 3d realities and enter into them, can you induce pain in video games like this and can you do the same with sound? What is the cause of gravity, is it like a surface tension because everything is being created and expanding along time or what else is it and how can we create artificial gravity, cause objects to levitate? The list goes on. How is your society structured, is it the pyramid like structure of power, anarchy or something in between? Do you have money or has the industry evolved enough to cater for everyones materialistic needs without anyone being a slave to the system?

User ID: 30689482
United States
05/06/2013 04:37 PM
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Re: Aliens livign in our society and questions for any that read this post please answer.
User ID: 38779423
United States
05/07/2013 10:01 PM
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Re: Aliens livign in our society and questions for any that read this post please answer.
i feel compelled to answer this post in full but i am tired right now


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