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Message Subject Inversion Boots can damage knee cartilage
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Inversion tables are dangerous for another reason, too.

Our veins have little "gates" in them. When your heart beats, the blood in the leg veins advances toward the heart (returning from the legs_. When the heart rests between beats, the gates keep the blood from flowing back toward your feet because of gravity. Then when the heart beats the next time, the blood advances even further toward your heart.

The little gates only work in one direction, ie when your are right side up, legs toward gravity. When you are hanging upside down, nothing is keeping all the blood in your legs from rushing toward the lowest point, ie your brain. If someone has a weak spot in an artery or vein in the head, they are at a much heightened risk for a stroke because of this pressure.

Be informed.

Spoken from a physical therapist....
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