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Message Subject An alien race is watching you. They want a summary of your entire civilisation. What will you say?
Poster Handle Marjo Hopeakivi
Post Content
Interesting responses.
 Quoting: 0verlord

Our "leaders" have created an illusion over our world that needs to be lifted so we can see again. They have also sucked the blood of the Earth and she's dying. Can you share with us a technology to use energy without killing her? We need your help to save her.


Our leaders are over there and said they are willing to be your test subjects. ;)
 Quoting: Listen_n

We are all leaders. One person can do a lot. Especially now when we have internet. Just do it. I have. I have been marketing a lot all over the world. But. I don´t think there is much to soon with Earth. In Sweden the trees still are not green. Something is not as usual here. Mother Earth is duying if you have not noticed. Two hundred species to extinction every day.
When I was a kid a saw a vision that one suumer the trees would not be green....
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