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Message Subject An alien race is watching you. They want a summary of your entire civilisation. What will you say?
Poster Handle Jacobandrews
Post Content
I would say that we are a race caught between the polarities of I and We, Fear and Bravery, Laziness and Perserverence. We live in systems where those with the greatest focus on the I prosper most by claiming care for the We. The outcome tends towards destructive behavior as the realities clash with the fictions, and most people become stuck in the middle.

We can be easily led, but then just as easily convinced of the exact opposite.

We have the capacity for great, peaceful individuality in the midst of a swamp of Others, if only we are taught methods of self control and empathy.

Our biggest struggle is that against death, and the greatest and most destructive solution has been immortality through fame at any cost.

We have great potential if the obstacles of ignorance and fear are overcome, but individual quests for power and glory tend to necessitate the forcible dumbing down and terrifying of the masses. If we could jump that one hurdle, we may be worth all of the effort that has been expended in growing us to our current level.
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