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Message Subject An alien race is watching you. They want a summary of your entire civilisation. What will you say?
Poster Handle acegotflows
Post Content
my perspective is this...

We are energy having human experiences data collecting in mineral body form. We run the gambit of all the unpredictable possibilities that happen with the few dna strands that we do have activated. So we live in a perpetual fog taking baby steps to become more universal in our perceptions. We aren't a bad species, just confused because of the polarity of this existence. Some of us try to at least be mindful of our energy and how we fit in the universe. Once we realize just how small of a point in the universe we are we might be able to fully appreciate our purpose.

You can tap into the auric field of the planet and get all the history and run down of what has happened in this planet. Because of that I hope to convey my sincerity that humanity has given way more good things to the universe than bad. I believe our untapped potential would handle the bad in spades if we were to just be not distracted long enough to get a moment of clarity and SEE what we are really.

That's pretty much what I'd say in a nutshell...
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