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Message Subject An alien race is watching you. They want a summary of your entire civilisation. What will you say?
Poster Handle CaptiveR
Post Content
If you could elaborate on your perspectives. This is merely an example.
 Quoting: 0verlord

I will say, that i do not have a civilisation, so therefore i cannot give you a summary, ok?
 Quoting: CaptiveR 21824041

So you would simply choose not to respond?
 Quoting: 0verlord

But i did respond, it is not my civilisation to give a summary, or if i did, it would be rather arrogant and wrong to do so.

It's silly, but let's see: I go to the door and open it, walk through and reverse the action before carrying on. I stop to engage myself with the next act, which may or may not need to be reversed like the door.

There is no point to most of it, there is only actions and opposite actions. If as you say an "alien race" is watching my actions, then my heart-felt warmth and total sympathy go all out to them. For they must be fucking bored in their own silicon-based existence to want the need to watch me.
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