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Message Subject I don't think aliens exist....
Poster Handle geminilion
Post Content
I don't think aliens exist.... and I think just wanted them to exist but now I'm bored of aliens and conspiracies and etc ..... I'm sure there are some conspiracies but the reality is that many of the things people talk about here are dumb.... but of course there are people with interesting things to say ....

By aliens I mean intelligent beings from another planet (extraterrestrials).... I'm sure there's life somewhere else ... but who knows.... intelligent extraterrestrial beings may be real...
 Quoting: Barbara P. Strigoi

You have too many pics of cats and flowers, and not nearly enough of you in your underwear.

Oh, and aliens are real, but they were called angels in the Biblical times..
 Quoting: BRIEF

rofl You crack me up you nut you.
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