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Message Subject A message for the Super Duper Righteous and Elect of God
Poster Handle Council on Foreign Relations
Post Content
she is only a lesser avatar.. she is not the supreme creator of the universe you ignorant fool.. and by the way she is fallen beyond your imagination and she is herself an abomination.. i know her all too well and dont need no idiot glorifying that which isnt nor ever was in the first place when i know exactly who and what she is and exactly where she ends up come judgment day..
 Quoting: iamwhoiam1 13231056

could you say something really specific like,

"at 1:52 on October 7th, the Whore of Babylon t-boned me on I-75 and did not stop" or something, please, don't leave us all hanging.

I just can't wait to kneel at you feet, I crave your authority.
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