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Message Subject A message for the Super Duper Righteous and Elect of God
Poster Handle Council on Foreign Relations
Post Content
The wicked shall perish, the righteous well we are out of here. And read what you quoted, it is gonna be a bloodbath, as you never harvest grapes with a sickle. Can you imagine what grapes would be like if you harvested them with a sickle. At this time you have a chance also to be out of here, just ask Jesus to forgive you and turn from your wicked ways.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39427493

the bible says the elect, the chosen of god, are virgins and that they were already pre-selected from the beginning, they were predestined to be the elect, so there is no free will. You either are or you aren't one of the elect to be sacrified to yahweh.
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