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Message Subject Jordan Maxwell on Aliens, Angels and Demons
Poster Handle InCogNeatOh
Post Content
Jordan Maxwell is a fraud.

He got all his info from Manly Hall, and doesn't let on.

He gets lots of his facts totally wrong, but coz everything assumes he is some sort of insider expert, nobody says anything.

Well, it is time to let the wind out of this fat fraud's sails.

Apart from being a homosexual who has gone through a long string of lover boy secretary's who have all variously tried to make him rich and famous for their own purposes, Jordan Maxwell is not even his real name.

His just another fat fraud who read some obscure books, joined one or more gay secret societies and picked up some other secrets which he blabbed immediately.

When will you American conspiracy 'researchers' learn to look past your so-called experts?

You already worship William Cooper, who lied his head off about his past, and presented the work and research of other people on stage, as his own. And when those he stole from called him out on it, he accused them of being CIA agents from the stage.

GLP used to be a home for conspiracy researchers who knew their shit. Now it is full of total conspiracy noobs, all trying to make out that they know something cool.

Jordan Maxwell, David dIcke, David Wilcock - all these people depend on the western short attention span and laziness to fact check anything. NONE of them ever originated a NEW piece of info - ALL of them steal from real researchers who risk their real lives - only to see it stolen and spun by some glib puffed up egomaniac charging admission to be told it.
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