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Message Subject Flap: My UFO reality
Poster Handle Kai Kravit
Post Content
I have seen the orbs as well as the
small airplanes. I am not yet certain if they are one form able to shift or if they are actually two different "craft" or "entities" entirely. I have also seen the clouds and lighting you describe. Here's what I can tell you with certainty: when you are extremely focused or concentrating on analytical or logical thoughts they seem to create a sort of ring around you. I have also noticed that if you are emotionally close to a person who is, for instance, depressed, you may notice you seem to be generating a field that ends where they begin; i.e. clear skies that terminate with intense overcast wherever their "field" meets yours. Here's something really fun to try: next time you notice bright orbs (even if they appear to be at a great distance) try interacting with them. Just hold out one hand and slowly move it while directing it at the orb. See if you can get them to follow your motions. Eventually it seems to become mutual, as if you are linked with them. I have to tell you I am overjoyed someone else is recognizing these same phenomena. Let me know how it goes. And email me if you'd like to talk about this in detail.

- Kai Kravit
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