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Message Subject Researchers Find Alien Genes in Human DNA
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C.Radnarg
Post Content
the implications of this are astounding.

Yes, they are alien genes.

they came here from a planet older than the earth. These genes are BILLIONS of years old.

And although aliens understand genetic engineering, our genes are not merely physical manifestations of matter, they are manifestations of our soul, our spirit.

Our soul is not genes, our souls create our genes.

Tampering with the genes of animals is horrible and grotesque and cruel bumbling of a lost species.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12304981
...we have a shared co-creator spirit within and our flesh equals the true trinity if your goddess and god within are reunited and the goddess leads..souls are for animals...i got my 3rd " alien " eye open,have you? if not just read my 777 god thread, but the final correct KI doses are on page 60 to go with the continuous goddess/god diet...your welcome,from> The Nobody...
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