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Message Subject The Dark Aliens
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am glad, that I am able to share, some information, with all of you. I know of the Dark Aliens, that many would say, are evil. I feel they are not evil, they are necessary, they have purpose, and they play a huge part regarding our souls, after death. I can only describe them, to you. They are extremely, extremely, extremely strong. They are much taller, then your average height male. Their skin is scaly, but very shiny, their skin is like body armor, extremely fit. They are very black, like the color black,{ probably even darker then black, if you can imagine that} from head to two, but with a shimmer, shine to their skin. Their eyes are small, and they glow. They are expressionless and that is scary in deed. I wish I had a name for them, but at the current time, I am not told their exact name. These particular Aliens, if they come to you or are drawn to you, that is not a good sign. They dwell in the light and the dark. So they can be right in the room, with you. Whether you have the lights on or off, you will never know they are there. I am a true believer of Alien life form dwelling deep, deep, deep under ground, right below our feet, as well as in the sky right above our heads on earth. It is true , fiction is closer to the truth, then we can even possibly believe. There is a book called, The War For Souls by Strieber Whitley. I feel it is a very, good read for all of you. There are things in the book that are made to look, like fiction. Although I feel it has a lot of truth in it. If you can find the book, buy it and never part with it. Trust Me. Elizastorm
 Quoting: Elizastorm

Fuck you i was just sat in the house alone with all lights off now i start reading this and i'm too scared to get up and turn them on verysad
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