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Message Subject The Dark Aliens
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
These beings are literally the ultimate bully, they try to make you think they are large evil creatures that you have no chance against. They act very evil, I'm not sure if it is their fault, it is just their nature, although I have come across some that have left their collective and are on the good side of the human race. I have faced off against these beings on several occasions. Unfortunately killing some of them by mistake because at that time I did not understand the power of thought. They were trying to do something very evil to me and I mentally lashed out at them and they both fell over dead instantly. Although I found out later that they were not truly dead, these beings are able to transfer their life force into another body, but it is extremely unpleasant experience for them.

One time I was put into a room with 5 reptilian beings all about 7 feet tall, they were pacing all around me and scowling at me as If they wanted to attack. I think they were hesitant because I had no fear of them. Finally the leader of the bunch which was about 8 feet tall picked me up so that I was face to face with him so he could look directly into my eyes. He was trying to give me an evil look to fear me, but he just made me angry and I stared directly back into his eyes with feeling of rage back at him. His face turned to a look of blankness/shock and he muttered "it's not possible" then it looked like the life just drained out of he let go of me, I dropped to my feet. He fell over in a fetal position then he began to shrink to a 3 foot creature. He was gasping for air, he seemed like he was on his last breath and something over my shoulder asked me if I wanted him to live or die. I said I wanted him to live but that If he came against me again I may not be so merciful next time. He immediately gasped and took in a huge gulp of air and began breathing again. Then the rest of them were being very subservient to me. I have also had many other encounters.

If you stand up for yourself and fight back, it doesn't take much for them to cower in fear and they revert back to their true form which is about a weak 2 to 3 foot reptilian/grey looking creature. They try to use your thoughts against you, but when you use your thoughts for yourself, they do not stand a chance against you. These beings are all about mind control, controlling your mind is the only power they have, you have to reject any fear they try to put on you or they will control you.

If you are fearless and reject them from using thoughts in your head from things like movies or use those thoughts back against them it drains them of their mind control over you. You have to demand respect from them and let them know that you are the master of your own thoughts, life and destiny and that anything trying to harm you will suffer consequences.

They are nothing without you, they trick you into manifesting things that are bad for you. They are unable to create these things by themselves, they do not have the power to create anything, the only thing they can do is to deceive and trick you into manifesting negativity towards yourself. When you realize the true power of your thoughts that prime creator gave you these evil beings will flee in fear when they see you coming.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35742717

Do you mind if I ask how you had the chance to have a run in with them? I just don't get why they communicate in person with some people and not others. Very interesting what you say. Would you say the mind attacks are anything like a spiritual attack-not religious at all-what I mean is, is it like they are trying to take down your belief in good and in yourself, right? Hope that made sense.

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