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Message Subject The Dark Aliens
Poster Handle Inerrancia
Post Content

OK OP. Anyway, maybe that you and me have some common points of reference about the War (because there is a war up there and down here, you know it perfectly)

Please, let me ask you a question, may I?

May you tell me what is the "Fortress of God"? Ask Apophis about that, please.

 Quoting: Inerrancia

Good morning Eliza. Just waiting for your answer, thank you coffee4
 Quoting: Inerrancia

I ask APOPHIS. He said he cannot divulge that information. Although after I asked him he gave me a four pack of different color masking tape. He said that is all he can tell me.
 Quoting: Elizastorm

So I'm on the right track, isn't it? I think I get the big picture, my friend. Ask Apophis who I am, and , please, tell me what he answered about that.

BTW, I guess the masking tape were White, black, red and yellow.
 Quoting: Inerrancia

Just waiting for your answer, Eliza. Thanks coffee4

BTW, I "know" why they're underground
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