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Message Subject The Watchers... Aliens? Angels? Demons?
Poster Handle Daath
Post Content
Just dished out all of your green karma!! Thanks everyone again.. I really appreciate it! This gathered quiet a good crowd of GLP im excited! In the book of Enoch it sounds like Azazel is the devil! why was this not included in the bible? I wonder if they still watch us?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10660055

The Bible isn't entirely silent on who angels are, fallen and holy. Satan is one that is the subject if Isa:14. The nations were weakened by him when the Tower of Babel incident took place, losing the pure language was how we were weakened. That pure language will return and be used by everybody who is alive for the 1,000 years. That is why people are said to receive a new name. There are also songs sung that are said to be in a (currently) unknown language, by the 144,000 and some Gentiles in Re:15.

Using the 3 terms Revelation used it would seem that the red dragon is Satan, the Beast from the Pit is a fallen angel that was also a kind on the earth until the flood put him in the Pit. The 3 in Heaven are God, the Holy Spirit and their begotten child Christ. His witness of creation is in Proverbs 8. For the 5th and 6th trumps Satan is the falling star and the Angel he releases is the Beast from the Pit and that parts lasts 5 months, then 4 fallen angels are released and they manifest into 200M horsemen (Enoch puts them as being about 2 miles tall). Their deaths create a river of blood that has 2 dimensions given, length and depth, the missing number is width, it works out to be about 80ft across if it is just the blood from the horses and the riders. Those are the bones that are gathered for 7 months in Eze:39 and buried in a graveyard called Gog. At the end of 1,000 they would be released along with all other fallen angels not yet in the fiery lake (only the Beast from the pit and the 4 of the 6th trump. That would also make the 4 equal to being the child of the red dragon and the Beast.

Holy angels won't be visiting anybody like they did in the book of Daniel until the trumps start sounding. In the meantime all books from De:4:30 have something to say about the last few years so we are not short on information, we just aren't very good at putting them all together into one single picture.

If you can apply Das:11 to the end time prophecies you pretty much have the battle plans for the last 3 1/2 years that are around Jerusalem.
 Quoting: MHz

Wow incredible... so where do they get released to? Earth? Maybe with their memory wiped. You sir are full of knowledge and have more than earned your green karma! But I have to wait 24 more hours until I can dish out more I'm sorry :(
 Quoting: theWatcher20

Well...since you guys bought it up...

Why exactly did God lock us in a cage with Satan? All of this could have been avoided IF he followed the signs of love as stated in Corinthians AND he is supposed to love us more than we love our own children.

I would never lock my child up with what the Bible describes as a roaring lion or a dragon. Would you? It sounds like what the Romans did for fun!
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