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Message Subject The Watchers... Aliens? Angels? Demons?
Poster Handle VolKhrom
Post Content
it's sad how suppressed people have become, they don't have a clue how nature works anymore. ;/
 Quoting: VolKhrom

Mankind would do good to follow the family style whales and dolphins have. Parents with infants, then oldest with the children, then teens with teens and finally adults with adults.
 Quoting: MHz

that's nice but I was referring to neural control and communication via sonar networks and using it over the internet. evil humans actually threaten the sea creatures and demand that it use the ability to mind control people or leech energy etc.. free webcam sights are all used for this purpose. they have huge Koi fish tanks in the building with the girls and I guess use some kind of program to force the fish to link with the Host females that are basically just pawns.
 Quoting: VolKhrom

Didn't met u say something about that? Someone just made the reference of the watchers and the eye of Horus from Egypt! Any corrilation?
 Quoting: theWatcher20

]are you speaking in some kinda weird code cause normal english cannot recognize what you said as coherent communication..specifically what is "Didn't met u" supposed to refer to". no offense.. also corrilation? are you having some trouble talking about coral? it's ]correlation[ btw heh[
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