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Message Subject The Watchers... Aliens? Angels? Demons?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I actually have a question...who are the angels that gaurd Eden?
Would they be any relation to the Watchers?
I've always been unclear about which was which. I do believe in the Nephilim, as did all the ancients, &the Church Fathers. I also am persuaded to believe that aliens are infact the Nephlim. I am an avid listener of Chuck Missler, and he has some great teachings on the Nephilim.
 Quoting: Junie

Wow!! Now that's a good question.. what do you think about Egypt? I think you are on to something! bump
 Quoting: theWatcher20

My honest take on most of these ancient civilizations is that they had encounters with the Nephilim. I believe that is where they got most of their technology. I haven't studied too much into the structures of the Pyramids r much outside general study of Ancient history. What I do know is that the places where the Israelites failed to kill of tribes of people where Nephilim were said to have been,(as God instructed) those areas are to this day the most hottly battled areas in the MidEast. Until I understood who the Nephilim were, their infiltration into the world...I had no understanding why god would order everyone of a particular group to be killed. Im talking even the animals of the group. Now I get it...it was a gene pool problem. Where they are today, I don't know. But I believe they are among us now.
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