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Message Subject The Watchers... Aliens? Angels? Demons?
Poster Handle shyrlymyrly
Post Content
Well, I'm gonna tell you something about the blood. Negative ph blood comes from fallen angels. I came to this conclusion after thinking about it. My mom has 0- and my dad's mother has A-. They both have psychic abilities, but my grandma uses them for bad means but my mom uses for good or tries not to use them. The blood thing came to me after researching on the net about Joye Pugh. She has interesting theories about Cain (that he was son of the Lucifer/serpent). And I thought to myself, it has to have some physical backing up. So when I started looking about negative ph blood I found out that British royal family carries negative ph blood. So does Obama and Bush. And they intermarry each other. This where it comes the blue blood or royal blood. Almost all European royal families have negative ph blood. My grandma who has negative ph comes from Polish royal family which was destroyed. In the Bible blood of Jesus was so important. Why? Because he had AB+ (taken from shroud of Turin). But it's my theory... I can be wrong.
 Quoting: shyrlymyrly

A couple of things here....

According to the oldest texts in the world (older than scriptures) there was no Lucifer (perhaps Ra or Marduk because he was a bad as they came). The serpent, the same person responsible for the caduceus symbol (normally found at your local pharmacy and doctors office) is the same person that gave man life. His name was Enki, also called Elohim by the Hebrews. (Lucifer only occurs once in the Bible his name means "shining one" but I will look up what Joye Pugh has to say- always room to learn!)

About Cain - the Bible might not be accurate, but the Sumerians also kept a record. Cain was indeed the son of Adamu and Tia'mat (aka Eve).

Blue blood is actually a term for very pale skin people and you could see their veins. This term was used for Europeans

And it is still in debate about the Shroud of Turin (although it is said to have been proven a hoax)

And oh, I am not trying to be insulting, but I dont understand where you were going with the blood thing. That is why I took it by pieces. Would you please explain that a little more for me?
 Quoting: Daath

Every name means something, doesn't mean we should see Lucifer as a light source instead of a real fallen angel. He is mentioned in the Book of Enoch including other fallen angels. They had sex with women and produced Nephilim. There is actual proof that there was a flood and there were giants at the time of Noah. Bible says:
And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. There are Nephilim living next to us, maybe not giants, but fallen ones. Europeans have the most negative ph blood. Now think who always started wars, who had slaves etc. Asian's and black people almost don't have ph negative blood.
I searched for Sumerian text about Cain, and he is mentioned, but didn't find about Adam. Can you provide me a link or any source for that? Thank you.
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