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Message Subject The secret of the pyramids
Poster Handle Yvo
Post Content
So what can you believe? Old lore, ancient script, rare text, all was filtered by "someone" before it got to the form you are reading it. That filter process has no limit, and judging from where most of these texts originate, it had to come a long bloody way.

Ever play the game telephone with 20 people in a circle? Even if you want to get it right the story gets lost.

now times that by billions of people, thousands of miles, some strange architecture, and a garden of dickheads wanting it all for themselves.

I don't believe truth can be found anymore. Not from a book. Not from a screen.

Dark times, for we have lost our light.

this is the most accurate answer we have to anything...humanity makes assumptions that are constantly proved wrong...didnt we once believe the earth was the at center of the solar system?

I truly believe the next paradigm shift is for us to come to the understanding that humanity is not the center of consciousness...that is the 5th dimension. This will give us more "truths" than we need when we realize humanity and the universe isnt what we think it is...
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