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Message Subject The secret of the pyramids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to fotolog.terra.com]

[link to fotolog.terra.com]

These images above, Chris Dunn's concept about pyramid nuclear plant. Below is the geometric GRID which is formed when you hook the dots of ancient megaliths (not just pyramids). This means the project was planned from "above" the Earth and beyond the interests of the isolated ancient civilizations. Because even if eventually they met with each other, this took centuries and there wouldn't be any reason for them to attack themselves into this sort of mathematical geometry worldwide. All of them had their SHAMANS who got in touch with the SAME ENTITIES via hallucinogenic stuff, meditation, proper diet and POLISHED STONES TO OPTICAL DEGREE. Why so? Why the sacred áreas were usually the darkest of them all? Because what is above is below and in many cases, Jerusalem temple, Luxor in Egypt, Peruvian places or Hindu temples had the human shape (anthropomorphous). The secret areas were like the BRAIN and HEART made of stone or brick, these materials were THE BONES OF THE EARTH.

It's needed multi-disciplinary team to study these. People who are wise in electromagnetism, people more sensitive to the touch or smell, engineers, mathematicians, autistic people who can draw with impecable style or who remember as having photographic memory and so on.

Very often BLOOD was poured onto the stone temples. This created a LOW VIBRATION. Therefore, it's no surprise, sensitive people feel odd things at Sacsayhuaman or Coricancha in Peru, Teotihuacán pyramids in México, Stonehenge. Poltergeist phenomena happens where murder or suicide were perpetrated. Wars are done upon the same battlefields, blood accumulated over and over.

The ancient used hallucinogenic stuff NOT TO EASE THE PAIN OF THE VICTIMS but to ENHANCE FEAR AND THE VISION OF THE HUM-ANIMAL HYBRID GODS all of them worshipped.

That's the reason these incredible edifications already started with incredible know-how. THE GODS EXCHANGED KNOWLEDGE FOR HUMAN LIVES. Knowledge just for the elite who kept the slaughter.

Great Pyramid has its 4 walls slightly concaved, so from "above" is octogonal like Dome of the Rock, octagons are part of St Basil Russian church, Muslim towers, modern skyscrapers, the parts of the MAYAN wheel. So, when people at CERN created the particle accelerator like octogonal Chinese mandala from inside and outside, when both VATICAN and Washington used domes vaginas and obeliscs phallus, they know shapes like pyramids, octagons and domes behave like antennas or accumulators
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