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Message Subject The secret of the pyramids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Obviously they chose special diferente kind of granite or mica and the proper alloys of metals because the order was given by the invisible gods. In such a way, the sarcophagous were not real but a ceremony in which the king or priest COULD WITNESS the hyperdimension reality enhanced in the dark chambers where light didn't enter, trigerring the MELatonin in the brain. There are pyramid crystal sort of cells within the brain.

Thus, the incredible effort to build was achieved by instructions from the ones who know the secret of hyperdimension. They didn't build them in some cases but GUIDED or INSPIRED THEM by the use of those mega-internet Johny Nemotic priests. That's why skulls were deformed as well because the brain would alter the shape and the sulcus division between hemispheres would be wiped out, hence better connection and achieving great knowledge in abstract concepts and mathematics. Also they guided them to use SILVER OR GOLD in the skulls, not just to heal the wounds but to enhance the inner electro-chemical properties.

The Mayans also set little balls of wax tied to the hair of the babies, hanging in front of their foreheads, forcing them to become CROSSED-EYES. Have you seen those 3D images in which the design becomes evidente when you cross eyes?????

Therefore, the depictions in stone were carved in that 3D concept and left as puzzles (read Cotterell's The Lost Tomb of Viracocha). They were decoded in modern times usually by "acidentes".
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