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Message Subject The secret of the pyramids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Egyptian imported blue lilly from Crete...the 2D flat paintings become sort of 3D animation like this Moses' nightmare scene in Prince of Egypt:

The same happens in Chavin Peruvian labyrinth where the feline-winged-minotaurus (Raimondi stele) becomes alive specially under the FX of San Pedro cactos and the sound they produced on purpose or former rivers.

So, there are many elements involved. Indeed the stones or bonés of the planet and the energies involved and cosmic energies above. Those ancient people depicted even DNA and shapes of Nébulas and saw the hybrid hum-animal gods because their senses were enhanced (read Hancock's Supernatural) and so they witnessed a reality 99% of the people not even dare to imagine!!!!

They SAW the fusion of the energies and dimensions. Maybe the pyramdion corner stone was not like the smaller pyramidions of other pyramids but like a MISSING PIECE -on purpose rejected by its builders- because they SAW AN ENERGETIC PYRAMIDION which was like Bem bem Phoenix energy....like a pyre/ FIRE....
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