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Message Subject The secret of the pyramids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The same happens in Chavin Peruvian labyrinth where the feline-winged-minotaurus (Raimondi stele) becomes alive specially under the FX of San Pedro cactus and the sound they produced on purpose or former rivers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39482182

This cacti also does something weird. Dilated the eyes and you can see at night with FELINES' VISION like having infrared properties. Now, you don't know anything about this, do you?

The elite of the world have tried to reproduce what they used in the past (and some still use in the present). They mimic the rituals after studying the theory. THEY SEE what you ignore and think are mere "archetypes" or symbols. That's why they keep giving relevance to the owl or Molok/Baphomet and bulls. Egyptians didn't mummified bulls, cats, crocodiles to worship places... o matter how many times you have read (and swallowed) the explanations about SPACE-TIME chronograms. One thing is space and timing of things happening in space as seen by us, and other thing is witnessing the interdimensional inhabitants.

Talking about electricity, magnetism, gravity is the MEDIUM or the know-how IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE what I am talking about. The purpose was not so good if you understand who was Toth and the two Enoch and Enosh, if you find out about Tubal Cain and the BABEL ziguratt whether in the Bible account OR THE MESOPOTAMIA account and others.
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