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Message Subject The secret of the pyramids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The three most known pyramids in Egypt have a setting which makes us think not only in 3 Orion stars but the topography of Martian Tharsis Mons volcanoes. Most megaliths in the past are related with Pleiades. Obviously there was a connection observed all over the Earth. I don't think these are Sitchin's concept of "airports" for the gods or signals because the ones who inspired this obviously didn't need to figure out the spots since they have known Earth pretty well. Nope! It was more than that. The whole Earth is like a planet on quarentene, a laboratory pyramid of Eden sort of thing, a stage for the angels if you wanna call it that way. These pyramids and megaliths were accumulators of energy or vibration... filling the Earth with violence as Genesis' account says twice in the Flood episode. It was not just about animals or men having altered DNA but the VERY PLANET WAS AFFECTED FOREVER and some gods were afraid because there must be a LINK between Earth and Mars and Sirius, ORION, Alcyone, Pleiades and pyramids and megaliths were part of the huge incomprehensible scheme.
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