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Message Subject The secret of the pyramids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
yeah they were covered with high quality white marble.

the pyramid was as smooth as a babys ass. they said that during the day the pyramid due to the white marble and the suns reflection and it used to become luminous red.

the cap stone... well some say its a golded mini pyramid, some say it was a diamond or crystal mini pyramid.

others say it wasnt even triangular but a huge flat disc with same surface aree as the circumference of the pyramid.
it too was a according to the golden proportion.
 Quoting: Dreamily Resonant VIP

The pyramids in Egypt were White, yet red painting was found in some stones and it seems they had horizontal red lines. Mica was discovered in Mayan pyramids in Central America... imported from BRAZIL in South América.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39482182

[link to science.howstuffworks.com]

Sheet mica is used for electrical insulation in electron tubes, capacitors, electric motors, and other electrical apparatus. Natural sheet mica is obtained from muscovite or phlogopite crystals, called books. Built-up mica., made by pressing and bonding together small pieces of muscovite or phlogopite, is commonly used in place of natural sheet mica. Poor grades of muscovite and phlogopite are ground up for use as filler in gypsum plasterboard, paints, rubber, and roofing materials.

[link to www.ancient-wisdom.co.uk]

The Mica Temple:

Following the discovery of mica in the Pyramid of the Sun, two more sheets, approx' 90 ft square, and laid directly on top of one another, were discovered beneath the stone paved floor of the Mica temple. Trace element testing showed it to originate 2000 miles away in Brazil. (21) Similar finds of Mica have been found at some Mayan sites.
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