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Message Subject So all Aliens are Demons?
Poster Handle Michael Bolton
Post Content
I would rather have my gaurd up, than naively trust em.

The vast majority of abduction cases are not of the "friendly" type.
 Quoting: Michael Bolton

There's nothing wrong with discernment. I always say to go with your intuition when dealing with the unfamiliar.

But I, too, also feel the OP is right. You can't make a blanket statement about ETs any more than you can make a blanket statement about humans. There's good, bad, and in between in all and any population of beings.
As far as abductions go, however, you'll be surprised upon further research. Once our fear trigger is activated, rational thinking goes out the door, and situations are perceived much differently than they really are. Not all abductions are done with harmful intentions. I'd even go as far as to say the majority of them are not.
 Quoting: Earth Daughter

I agree, which is why I would rather have my gaurd up than blindly trust em.

I never said they were all bad, but I'm pretty damn sure not all can be good.

I saw an abduction show the other day, where a family was taken, and one of the boys described an alien type I have never heard of. He drew pictures of it, and made digital models on a comp of it. It was amazingly different than anything I have ever seen.

I will try and find a link to the picture...
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