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Message Subject So all Aliens are Demons?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some mention here that some ET's are positive and negative. But how do we know who are they? They can lie to us very easily. There are too many similarities with demons. They are spiritual and they can harm us. People describe same ET's (grey's). They all have a message against Christianity. Why should they come here and tell us that Christ was their guy and we got the wrong message? Why they don't mention Muslims. Why they don't come to Muslims and say that their religion is bad? Why they don't go to Satanists or Illuminati and say to them that they are evil bastards? There are too many questions. They target Christianity the most, they rape woman (as fallen angels had sex with women), they lie, they harm animals and humans.
Alister Crowley drew a picture of a demon and it looks like a grey alien. Alister Crowley was a high occultist who ate his shit (literally), had satanic orgies and wrote a book Magic where he teaches how to sacrifice a child.
 Quoting: shyrlymyrly

Now THIS is a good intelligent post. Although there are different 'species' of Greys, and not all of them negative. Some will look at negative aspects of Greys as demonic, which I am OK with as they can be very negative experiences. I would equate 'demonic' with the same traits that humans display. Cutting off someone's head for religious reasons, for example.
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