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Message Subject So all Aliens are Demons?
Poster Handle shyrlymyrly
Post Content
But the other type of "aliens" which people associate as being nuts and bolts space craft with occupants doing the abductions and seemingly flying haphazardly all over the world, the clandestine behaviour, animal mutilations etc, are to me, a clear and present danger and threat.

The Mod deemed these objects to be of no threat to national security, this is either an out right lie, or they refuse to project the trend of visitations into our near future. Either way, this causes concern.

 Quoting: CaptiveR 21824041

Why concern?

If the stories are true, and not a made up psy-ops by the shadow government to keep their mafia going, why don't we see them "invading" us more?

Why most of the sightings are from a distance and completely harmless??

What danger do they present that even not one fighter jet gets close?

That might show that they are either inter-dimensional (transpassing all kinds of radars), or a psy-ops by the government.
 Quoting: TruthMinion

Good you mentioned the government. I believe that our governments have better technologies that we have in the daily use. There are secret military projects and I believe they have flying saucers and "alien" technology. My mom and dad have seen a flying saucer in Russia. And one time when president Boris Yeltsin was on TV infront of military base a flying saucer flew out of a building (I don't know the word of the building which holds airplanes). My parents saw it personally.
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