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Message Subject So all Aliens are Demons?
Poster Handle shyrlymyrly
Post Content
Well thank you Septenary Man. :) I'd like to know more about your alien abduction. I have to agree, that some come with peace, but they don't come without a purpose, they need to give some message. From my understanding people claim that we've been created by aliens, to erase Christianity and other religions and to boost New Age movement. Actually, we don't know when they are telling the truth and we can't check on them. While Christianity has all the answers for me now. I'm quite doubtful about them. They have given lots of misinformation to channelers, from bad astronomy to blatanly false claims. For now I have seen only pretty mainstream youtube videos where these ET's lie to people. And most of the viewers accept these lies not looking deeper into things. Maybe it's better if we don't talk to them and ignore them. It's very obvious to me how they are connected to the New Age, New World Order and occultism. They are spiritual beings, I don't think they come from another planet. When I say spiritual, I mean beings not of flesh but some other material. And from my understanding they can materialize or hypnotize people.
 Quoting: shyrlymyrly

No they haven't.

It was because of their channelings (tavistock mind-experiment or not) that I started to separate clouds with my thoughts. The clouds, one day last year, were very very trippy! They actually looked like some animals that Greg Gilles channelings had the picturs of: thin lines of clouds all over the sky.

Anyhow, they also said that 2012 would be an energetic shift.

And we did have an energetic shift. I felt then and I am feeling it with my whole body.

This past month is a bit weaker the feeling. But I am feeling very tired. Like they have been saying in many of the channelings.

There are two options: all the channelings come from tavistock institute or there are some genuine channelings out there.

Either way, much of it is correct!

We are going to the 5th Dimension I am very very certain of it.

Maybe not all. But we are going there. I can feel it!
 Quoting: TruthMinion

It's just your feeling, I don't see the shifting. I see people getting crazier and more violent. The question is, is this shift real and if it is real, is it a good thing? I don't know about that, and it can't be proved scientifically. I have heard many lies, like Zeitgeist. These are false claims about religion and some of the stuff was channeled. The majority of their claims are lies. I have seen many people lie, the most respected people in the alien theory.
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