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Message Subject So all Aliens are Demons?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Well thank you Septenary Man. :) I'd like to know more about your alien abduction. I have to agree, that some come with peace, but they don't come without a purpose, they need to give some message. From my understanding people claim that we've been created by aliens, to erase Christianity and other religions and to boost New Age movement. Actually, we don't know when they are telling the truth and we can't check on them. While Christianity has all the answers for me now. I'm quite doubtful about them. They have given lots of misinformation to channelers, from bad astronomy to blatanly false claims. For now I have seen only pretty mainstream youtube videos where these ET's lie to people. And most of the viewers accept these lies not looking deeper into things. Maybe it's better if we don't talk to them and ignore them. It's very obvious to me how they are connected to the New Age, New World Order and occultism. They are spiritual beings, I don't think they come from another planet. When I say spiritual, I mean beings not of flesh but some other material. And from my understanding they can materialize or hypnotize people.
 Quoting: shyrlymyrly

I don't talk a lot about it, because of so much mis/disinformation on the topic, it is almost impossible to get anywhere with discussions about it.

Here is one I wrote down. There was more to the experience, but this is the gist of it. I have had visitations by Greys and Mantis. One weird thing, was that once the mantis type came, I never had another Grey visitation. The mantis has always been very positive experiences for me.


Extremely gentle. Very 'motherly' in nature. Timid. Mantis only comes individually. I've never had an experience where 2 Mantis were there, unless it occurred in the parts i don't remember. Which is quite probable.

It is a 'she'. The 'feeling' she emotes is totally different from Grays. I know why people are scared of Greys, and think they are bad...they are much different than us.

She seems to show me a lot of things...this is going to sound weird. I think it was the second time she came, I remember her showing me how 'they' dematerialize. I went through the process as well. It was a 'field' of some sort...like a field of energy. I remember putting my hand in first, and seeing my fingers just...disperse into millions of colorful miniscule spheres after they passed through. It felt REALLY good too...like a euphoric energy.

The last time she came was about 9 months ago now. I was awake when she manifested into the room beside me. God, the experiences are so awe-inspiring. NOTHING I have ever lived through comes remotely close to it. Anyway, there she is beside my bed. I couldn't move real good. I wanted to touch her, to feel her. The experience is like half dream, half real...so I wanted to touch her...feel her physically. I asked to touch her, but I said it in my head, and I didn't know how to 'say' it. So, I made an image in my head of 'touch'.

lmao, so she reached over and tapped me on the chest, above the heart, 3 times. Fucking so exciting...I wish to God I could explain the feeling of interaction like this...I kind of laughed to myself and put an image in my head of ME touching HER.

Suddenly I knew I could move my right arm. So, she bent over and I reached up and touched her shoulder. I slid my hand all the way down her arm! Real slow...soaking the feeling of it in, trying with all my heart to make sure I wouldn't forget how she feels.

Then, I made it to her hand. I HELD HER HAND! I held an alien's hand!

Then, she 'told' me (no words were spoken, I just 'knew') to lay back. And the most incredible, euphoric, indescribable, sexual energy just blossomed inside of me. It was so incredible, I don't know if it lasted seconds or hours. I knew it was some type of 'bonding' that was taking place. She trusted me enough to touch her. She KNEW I wouldn't hurt her, and when I didn't and had no desire to hurt her in any way, she created some type of bond with me. Not only had I passed a test, but she had too!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 865798

 Quoting: Septenary Man

You ever see one like that?

[link to vimeo.com]
 Quoting: Michael Bolton

Nope. Interesting video though. I remember looking into that a while ago.
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