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Message Subject So all Aliens are Demons?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Dr. Karla Turner - believed to be killed for exposing the aliens for who they are.

You can read the pdf of her book called Taken. It is about abductees who were all worked on, implanted with foreign devices and sexually abused. Sorry, but these aliens are not to be trusted. Some cases in the book claim there are "good" aliens that abducted the person again and removed the device. BS. They play the good cop bad cop scenario to fool us all. Put it this way, do we choose to be abducted? No. If they violate your free will as a living being, they are not to be trusted. What's worse is that these aliens try to convince the abductee they are having a spiritual experience during the abduction.

Here is the pdf:

[link to www.whale.to]

And guess what? One case describes a victim saying "In Jesus' name, take it away!" and the alien being left. That is the only case on here using Jesus' name, and it worked.

Also, another account says a woman was confronted by an alien claiming to be Jesus. She was then taken aboard a craft and had skin, nail and hair samples removed from her. Also the aliens stuck a long needle up her nose, saying that they were making a new body for her. Whatever. Believe what you want people but the aliens just seem like they have a sinister purpose.
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