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Message Subject So all Aliens are Demons?
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
Dr. Jaques Vallee didn't conclude they were demons either. What a bunch of BS, AC.

He concluded that they must be extra-dimensional, or part of a collective manifestation through consciousness, similar to Jung's ideas.

That poster above that said these things are EXACTLY why and how this disinformation spreads. Agenda, Agenda, Agenda
 Quoting: Septenary Man

I said just that. I did put "they are demons" in parentheses to separate what I infer from what they said, which wasn't clear enough to you.

Calling out to Jesus is not "mostly" anything. It was THE ONE NAME that stopped the abduction/experience all together and I suggest others read for themselves rather than take it from you or myself (you seem to have an agenda in your posts).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35559772

You intimated that both authors concluded ET is demons. Totally false.

And, what agenda would mine be? To say aliens/et's are NOT demons is merely common sense. Humans are so egotistical. To think that any sentient/intelligent species of life is demonic is about as short-sighted as anything I have ever heard, and it places the most vile of sentient life - humans - on a pedestal.

All you have to do is compare what humans are capable of with contact/abduction experiences and again, it is common sense. Humans have done more atrocities and evil deeds than anything ET has done. Yet people claim ET are the demons, instead of humans. It is SO backasswards.

I learn this from first hand experiences, not from what books tell me. Yet I doubt that I would be able to change your mind because of your beliefs because other religious people you have read about.

If ET are demons, then mankind is the distilled essence of Satan.

Do you even know there are multiple species of ET out there? What about all the other planets that contain sentient life? What you are saying is that they are all demons.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

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