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Message Subject So all Aliens are Demons?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Also, just Google "The name Jesus stops alien abductions" and you will find literally a million results.

There is a think-tank CE4 i think!?!?!that stumbled upon this and started questioning some of the foremost knowledgeable Dr's and experts in the field, and they all confided that a number of their patients mentioned that Jesus was something that these "aliens specifically HATED to hear or talk about.
Nothing else seemed to bother them. Just the name Jesus.
Gee, what a coincidence.

Also, theres a professor at Temple university, i cant remember his name, but he does hypnosis on these patients, and man is the material he writes insane!
Apparently there is a serious agenda by these demons to impregnate women and take the embryos to raise as there own intradimensionally! These offspring are then made to have sex with other abductees and so on and so on. slowly, there agenda is to create and entrie breed of hybrids. Souless humans, that look just like us for a big event in the future. Some kind of great deception.
But the abductees explanations are just insanely creepy. the detail they go into about these hybrids and the "aliens" is just freaky.
I cant remember his name.
Its been a while. Read a ton of literature on this topic for years.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 722466

Yup, exactly what is described in Karla Turner's Taken. They say they are creating our new bodies for the "resurrection." I think we are going to be in for some crazy happenings on earth one of these days. One victim in Taken was asked if she wanted to get into her new body, she felt extremely tempted, but refused. We have something they do not and they are trying to replicate it. We truly are in battle for our souls here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36520082

Or so they told you in a book.

Like the Bible. With its horrible, revengeful God.

Don't you think "they" have practice at lying and mind control??

"They" meaning the ones who convinced through words on a book, that a baby, with all its purity, joy and happiness, is wicked by sin since birth!!
 Quoting: TruthMinion

Please, this vengeful Bible God argument has just got to go. The heart of the Bible's message is to love one another and our Creator. Simple as that. There are tons of cases of people using Jesus' name in abduction scenarios and having these beings go away. I do not doubt there are good aliens out there, but the fact that these people are taken against their will or are enticed into coming aboard a ship is just not right. The fact that many of them cannot move their bodies or interact is alarming as well.
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