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Message Subject So all Aliens are Demons?
Poster Handle PigsInSpace
Post Content
So all Aliens are Demons?

Xenophobia is defined as "an unreasonable fear of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.

Prejudice - An unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.

Please Evolve.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39565672

No. I have met aliens and they do not look like or act like deamons. I have also seen many demons and they not look like or act like aliens.

2 different life forms.
 Quoting: PigsInSpace

How did you tell which was which?
 Quoting: M1.618

the alien life forms seemed vastly more intelligent, telepathic, somewhat menacing but not enough to scare the hell out of me.. they also do not have the appearance people associate them with.. but i can see why someone would draw or perceive them that way... to be honest, the way they are represented seems more of a shock reaction.. kind of like a victim trying to remember their attackers face and being afraid of the true likeness.... so we get a vague image instead of a clear one.. it was a moment where i had total awareness.. they are much more colorful and have more identity defining features.. just like us.. they do not look alike or boring by any stretch of the imagination...

demons on the other hand.. take on forms which are designed to scare you.. i can describe a few... the first one was simply a black shape of a man.. the black was not a normal type of black but one devoid of any light at all... i could tell the black had a special quality to it because it was already nighttime and i saw it clearly.. if i were to think of one feature that binds demons its gray skin... distorted, scarred, tattered... they have almost no flesh... and they do bite.. but they are relatively easy to deal with... i will get to that later... sometimes they are very large, maybe the size of 2 giant men in one.. and sometimes very small... like that of a dog... all of them have human faces that are extremely distorted.. one particular demon i remember well.. his skin was stretched over a flesh less skull.. his eyes were totally gray and he had incredibly large teeth.. but human nonetheless...

demons feed on anger, lust, mostly brutish passions... there is a safe level of anger and lust that one can feel.. but if you get consumed by either... you become a perfect food source... demons were once human who have lost their way to evil.. and unfortunately... are now jailed by the very anger/lust and other brutish passions they practiced during their own lives... it is a vicious cycle of self hatred.. but it also has a freeing quality to them.. as they hate the responsibility they must have as human beings... so to be free from that.. gives them strength.. and they become something different... something completely sinister... they enjoy what they do because they have little choice... as i mentioned they will bite you if you catch them... they will try to hurt you.. they will curse you, etc etc... thy are very nasty tempered... the alien life forms had no interest in hurting me.. but i am not sure if i trust them... its almost as if they are trying to protect something... some type of information... i could definitely sense their presence and power.. but something held them back... they are very sneaky and can penetrate your dreams.. remember they do not have to be physical to have an effect on you either.. .

demons can be saved.. and they can save themselves as well... or they can be killed if one were to do so... if you want to be free from demons in your life... you must radiate love.. and that's all there is to it... think of how our planet radiates a magnetic field which keeps us safe from harmful sun emissions... this is exactly how our bodies work with evil and other negative energies... if you radiate love.. it provides your body and soul and mind.. with an impenetrable shield... if you ever encounter a demon.. or are startled by a horrible dream.. close your eyes.. focus on the color gold.. and radiate love.. and send love out through your being... i assure you that is the only way to defeat them.

ghosts are also real.. ghosts exist within what is like a temporal tear in the time/space continuum.. i would imagine they are sort of like time travelers as well.. i have seen one ghost very clearly... he looked very sad.. very very sad... he was so sad looking it had a whole new characteristic which can be frightening.. he was also puffing up in size for some reason.. as if something was inflating him... i was in a new country... this always happens to me when i go to different places i am not usually at.. i always attract something.. in any case.. i described him the next day in perfect detail... down to his race, etc... and i quickly learned that this particular country was colonized by people who looked like him hundreds of years ago.. and i did not know that before i arrived there.. so it confirmed it to me that it was a real experience... the reason why some people can be "hurt" by ghosts.. because the ghost has just as much of a scare as you do... just as much of a mind f*ck about what is going on.. you know when you find yourself kicking or screaming or throwing your fists in a bad nightmare to get it away?? ghosts can do something similar to you because of their fright.. but i have never come across a ghost that was trying to hurt me... that was only the demons.. a lot of people carry them around..
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