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Message Subject So all Aliens are Demons?
Poster Handle M1.618
Post Content

btw, i added one more paragraph about ghosts you may be interested in, its above in the end.

and to answer your question...

the way i encountered the "aliens" was different to the demons.. and their presence felt vastly different.. whenever i come across a demon.. i feel the need to lunge at it and destroy it.. its a sickening repelling feeling i get... very natural and instinctive... and they appear anywhere i may be... they give no sense of depth or dimensionality.. they are like boring evil dogs that try to bite you to be honest... and that's somewhat insulting to dogs even.. they are just lame lol

as far as the aliens.. their presence was very powerful, mind bending.. reality shifting, etc... a very powerful experience.. and they only let me see their vehicle.. a light of a particular color which i thought was interesting.. a deep thick orange.. and then only their faces... their faces were extraordinary and remarkable... i still find myself speechless when recalling them... not at all human... not even close... the stories about aliens performing sexual acts or defilement of people's bodies is not true... they do not care about our bodies.. they are more experienced and understand the root of all things is consciousness... they came to my mind and after my mind... the demons will attack any part of your body and are pretty impossible to have a rational exchange with.. people who claim they were defiled or mutilated are people who simply cannot deal with the reality of the true experience.. their mind will fill in the shock and horror with something that would seem equivalent to the penetration and intrusion of the mind... i could see why these people would recall it as mutilation or see them as they do... its all shock..
 Quoting: PigsInSpace

You are one of the few that has described to me aliens as being pleasant and admirable. Thank you for sharing your experience)
I could not find the ghost part.
 Quoting: M1.618

here is the ghost part:

ghosts are also real.. ghosts exist within what is like a temporal tear in the time/space continuum.. i would imagine they are sort of like time travelers as well.. i have seen one ghost very clearly... he looked very sad.. very very sad... he was so sad looking it had a whole new characteristic which can be frightening.. he was also puffing up in size for some reason.. as if something was inflating him... i was in a new country... this always happens to me when i go to different places i am not usually at.. i always attract something.. in any case.. i described him the next day in perfect detail... down to his race, etc... and i quickly learned that this particular country was colonized by people who looked like him hundreds of years ago.. and i did not know that before i arrived there.. so it confirmed it to me that it was a real experience... the reason why some people can be "hurt" by ghosts.. because the ghost has just as much of a scare as you do... just as much of a mind f*ck about what is going on.. you know when you find yourself kicking or screaming or throwing your fists in a bad nightmare to get it away?? ghosts can do something similar to you because of their fright.. but i have never come across a ghost that was trying to hurt me..

and to comment on why people describe them in horrible ways.. its because fear plays a part in everything. go out on a date, if you're scared.. date is not as good as if you would be confident and happy... the difference in experience is night and day.. even though its the same event... same thing with aliens, demons, ghosts, or even vampires...

people feel violated because the aliens go beyond penetrating your body.. it is true that they go inside.. but inside your consciousness.. mind... that can be very alarming to people who feel as if they are taken somewhere.. and violated... i can totally see why people would block the experience and replace it with body mutilating scenarios and them being unable to stop it... all the other stuff about seeing them as giant grey's is total nonsense and made up... not true at all.. demons are gray.. maybe that is why people associate the two... scary = gray... aliens have an appearance that human beings simply cannot comprehend.. i was fortunate because i got to see about 6 or 7 of them.. the exact number escapes me.. and they never appeared together.. but 1 after the other in the central part of my being...

i forgot to speak on vampires... they exist too.. but they are invisible... you can only sense them.. feel them.. but you cant see them all.. and they can come into your home if they want to.. no invitation needed.... they also do not feed on blood... but they do feed on the neck specifically.. but what they take is your basic life energy... once again.. if you are afraid of these things radiate love and practice love and you are protected... i have been bit by a vampire once and it wasn't painful at all.. and it did not turn me into a vampire either.. it was a bit scary but very short... not nearly as sensationalized as we have made them out to be... i was also somewhat immobilized.. to be honest.. ive had much scarier experiences with ghosts than i have with vampires or demons...
 Quoting: PigsInSpace


for anyone who is interested.
 Quoting: PigsInSpace

Thanks again, interesting read of some of your experience PigsInSpace. In my experience all entities are good or evil in their order (or authority given to them) regardless of what form the energy takes. And to consider the form would give the entity power beyond its order... as it is only a form not the entity itself, in its true state.
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